VAT Services


At George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd we are specialized in offering VAT services, providing comprehensive support to businesses seeking to manage their VAT obligations in compliance with local regulations. These services can include VAT registration, preparation and submission of VAT returns, and assistance with VAT audits and investigations.

The VAT experts at a George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd can advise clients on the VAT implications of specific transactions, helping to minimize the tax liability while ensuring compliance with local laws. They can provide guidance on issues such as the proper classification of goods and services, the application of VAT exemptions and reduced rates, and the implications of cross-border transactions.

In addition, the specialized experts in VAT at George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd can help clients to manage their cash flow by identifying opportunities to reclaim input VAT, providing guidance on the timing of VAT payments, and assisting with the management of VAT refunds.

Overall, the services provided by George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd for VAT are designed to help businesses manage their tax obligations in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. By providing expert guidance and support, our office can help you avoid penalties and fines, minimize your tax liabilities, while staying compliant with local regulations, giving you the confidence you need to focus on your core business activities.

List of Services include


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