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The financial services sector is evolving and adapting as a result of intense competition, unprecedented economic turmoil and growing customer expectations. In this environment we at George Kaimakliotis & Co. understand the necessity to demonstrate vital leadership and innovation to continue providing our high end services to our clients while staying ahead of the competition.

Our office provides high quality services that are related with Audit & Assurance, local and international Tax planning and compliance, VAT structuring and compliance, Accounting, Consulting and Advisory, and provision of Substance offices and support. The basic philosophy of our office is the continuous training and knowledge enhancement in all issues that the office is dealing with.

George Kaimakliotis & Co. has been approved by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of England as a Platinum Approved Training Practice employer.


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Our Mission

The mission of George Kaimakliotis & Co. is to strive for excellence at all times in order to provide superior quality services to its clients turning them into more efficient and prosperous businesses and individuals.  We aim to deliver our global expertise to our clients through our work with a “local” touch, aspiring always in building healthy long term relationships in the process. In addition, the objective of the firm is to maintain professional business standards, create a respectful work environment and rewarding career opportunities for its people.

The success of the firm depends on confidence, trust and respect and our goal is to persistently exceed the expectations of our clients and people during the process.

The success of the firm depends on the confidence, trust and respect we get from our clients since we believe that a good client is a satisfied client.

Numbers Don’t Lie

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Talents Behind Our Success

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Maria Alampriti
Assistant Audit Manager - ACCA

Maria is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and an Assistant Audit Manager at George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd since 2021. She has been a member of company’s Audit team since July 2017 and she is responsible for performing audits for local and foreign companies, specializing in complex VAT matters. Maria is also a member of the company’s AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) team, having the role of Assistant Compliance Officer. Maria has joined George Kaimakliotis & Co Ltd in November 2013 and has been a valuable member of our team.

Moysoula Sea
Manager - ACCA

Moysoula joined the firm in January 2013 and holds the position of Manager in company’s office located in Athienou. She has been a member of the audit team since 2015. She has extensive experience for over 10 years in the profession, as she has worked in different departments within the entity including those of accounting, taxation and auditing of local and foreign entities. Moysoula is also a member of the company’s AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) team, having the role of Assistant Compliance Officer.

Theodora Christodoulou
Senior Manager - ACCA

Theodora is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and a statutory auditor licenced by ICPAC. She is a Senior Manager at George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd since 2021 and specializes in Audit of Financial Statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and IASs for local companies and companies with foreign interests. Theodora has also experience with corporate tax issues and has over 6 years of experience in matters relating to Provident Funds Registrered in Cyprus. Joining the Firm in 2014, she managed to establish a thorough understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), indirect and direct taxation matters being a go to person for complex IFRS matters. Theodora is also a member of the company’s AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) team, having the role of Assistant Compliance Officer.

Pavlos Antoniou
Senior Manager - BSc

Pavlos is our most senior member of the team, where he joined the firm in April 2005 and has been with us since. He holds the position of Senior Manager in the Audit Department. He has over 15 years of experience in audits of construction, real estate, trading companies, accompanied with VAT expertise on these industries.

Christodoulos G. Kaimakliotis
Partner - ACA

Christodoulos is a dual qualified certified public accountant (Cyprus and England) and is a Partner of George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd since 2014. He is the Partner in charge for audit and direct taxation of local companies and foreign interest companies, specialising in international taxation structuring, mergers and acquisitions, redomiciliations and liquidations. Christodoulos has extensive experience of over 15 years in the profession and assisted in various projects of international groups that involved mergers, acquisitions and tax structuring with Cyprus entities. Prior to becoming a Partner in the Firm, he was a senior manager in George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd from 2011-2014 and an auditor in Nicosia, Cyprus in a big 4 firm. Christodoulos is also the AML compliance officer of the Company.

George P. Kaimakliotis
Managing Partner - CPA

George is a dual qualified certified public accountant (Cyprus and United States of America) and is the founder and a managing partner of George Kaimakliotis & Co. Ltd. Prior to setting up the Firm in 1986, George has worked as an auditor in New York, USA and in Nicosia, Cyprus in a Big 4 firm (formerly Big 8)

Our History

George Kaimakliotis & Co. was founded on 1986 with its headquarters in Larnaca by George P. Kaimakliotis. In 1992, it expanded with the opening of the Athienou branch and in 1996 with the opening of the Nicosia branch. To celebrate our thirty years of successful business in the Cypriot and International region, in 2016 we have erected the “Kaimakliotis Building”, a state of the art block of offices in the heart of Larnaca’s business centre where our headquarters are today.



George Kaimakliotis & Co Accountants office was founded on 1986 with its headquarters in Larnaca.


Athienou office

In 1992, it expanded with the opening of the Athienou office.


Nicosia Office

In 1996, it expanded with the opening of the Nicosia office.


Larnaca Headquarters

In 2016, to celebrate the 30 years of George Kaimakliotis & Co the “Kaimakliotis Building”, as shown above, was erected.

Growing Fast

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Information Technologies

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VATTax-PlanningInternationalConsultingAudit & AssuranceAccountingSubstance Office Services?


Our team of accountants ensure accuracy and efficiency using the latest accounting software.

Audit & Assurance

We deliver audit and assurance services that are objective, thorough, and independent.

Tax Planning

We are dedicated to helping our clients minimize their tax liabilities while ensuring compliance.

VAT Services

We provide support to clients seeking to manage their VAT obligations in compliance with local regulations.


Our consulting services help our clients navigate the complexities of the local business environment and achieve their financial goals.

International Services

We offer a full range of international services to businesses and individuals looking to establish a presence or expand their operations in Cyprus or abroad.

Substance Office

We have experience in helping businesses establish a physical presence in Cyprus. The services provided vary depending on the needs of the client.

Our Clients

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    59 Georgiou Griva Digeni Ave Kaimakliotis Building 6th – 7th Floors 6043 – Larnaca Cyprus


    +357 24 628501